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The story begins in a cramped booth at the "faux" New York deli 'Noshville' in Nashville TN on a blustry day after thanksgiving November Friday day in 2008. In between my wife, Rachel, and my brother, Michael, I sat across from my "cooler than me" cousins Mark and Sarah, and Sarah's just as cool husband, Danny. Mark, who lives the awesome life being a lawyer living in San Francisco working for Facebook, with his only downfall being his SEVERE lactardation..which has never been medically or scientifically proven to exist in Mark.. Sarah and Danny are foodies from NYC who have tried every dive "chicken finger" hut and "curry on a stick" in the big city. Danny and Sarah had discussed that they were trying to go to as many places from Bobby Flay's 'Throwdown' show as they could, and that there was one in Nashville we had to try.....a place that I had never heard of in my 13 years of living there..I will get to that adventure later.

I got an idea from my cool cousins idea. An idea became a hobby. And the hobby became an obsession. And thus produced the list.....a world-famous spreadsheet...of every restaurant that has ever been featured on Food Network and Travel Channel....every restaurant from the famous shows like "Throwdown", "Man V. Food", "Man v. Food Nation", "Food Feuds", "Food Wars", "Best Thing I Ever Ate", and "Diners Drive-Ins and Dives" to the obscure "Best Food Ever", "Meat and Potatoes", and "101 Best Places to Chowdown", plus my additions of the restaurants of famous chefs and local places of legend. Names, cities, food they are famous for, and addresses. It was and still is an obsession. As of 9:24am on January 7th, 2015, THE LIST HAS 3,116 RESTAURANTS ON IT...WITH A FEW OVERLAPS HERE AND THERE. And then over Pastrami Eggs Benedict at Nate N' Al's Deli in Beverly Hills, Hannah and Andrew, our good friends, gave me the idea of the blog. Document every place I went. And thus, "The Greasy Foodie" was born. I will log the places, the shows they are from, and what I had. So far, every place I have been has been amazing, except two, one being mediocre, and another being down right awful.

If there is a city you have been to, or are going to, or are from and want to know what from my list is in the city, send me a email at

Monday, October 6, 2014


From America's Best Burgers

2413 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203

"What you're getting: Bacon cheeseburger on French bread
I once asked my Dad, a Vandy grad, if he remembered what I ordered the first time he took me to Rotier's in high school; the way he told me that I better have gotten the bacon cheeseburger implied I’d soon be disowned if that wasn't the case. The spot is famous for its meat-and-three, but the signature burger is still the main draw. It comes on fresh-baked, crusty French bread thats soft, chewy inside soaks up the gooey cheese and juices of the burger in a way that’ll make you'll start questioning why you always grab buns at the store instead. And while my dad's dating ritual of a burger, bottled Stroh's, and fries with my mom may be from the '70s, the meal is timeless."

I grew up in Nashville.  Born and raised there with a eight year layover in Louisville (also an incredible city).  I have, do, and will always love Nashville.  I loved Nashville when people would say "You're from Nashville.  I see you wear shoes and know how to use indoor plumbing" as opposed to the "OMFG I LOVE NASHVILLE I HAD MY BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTY THERE! I WANNA MOVE THERE" craze of the last five years.

Nashville has its BBQ, soul food, and hot chicken.  Nashville has its institutions of each from Peg Leg Porker, Monells, Loveless, and Princes. But there is one restaurant that defines Nashville at its core, at its heart, at its soul. Rotiers.  A dark, dingy, dive pub that serves the most phenomenal cheese burgers.  When I met with my college counselor for the first time in high school, he asked me if I was to take someone from out of town to a restaurant in Nashville to define the city, what would it be.  I said "Rotiers" without hesitation.  Everyone has a Rotiers story.  Everyone has a Rotiers memory.  Everyone has a Rotiers moment.  Rotiers is perfect Nashville. Quiet, comfortable, loving, caring, Southern drawl and charm, with a lot of grease, a glass bottle coke, and a side of fries.

PS-I have been told that if you dare to wander away from the burger, the soul food is some of the best in the city.

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